A report earlier this year by the International Organization for Migration (I.O.M.) states that Nigerian youths account for almost 50% of 521 Africans which drowned at the Mediterranean sea this year while in search for greener pastures of the seas. Again about 1000 Nigerians youths has been assisted by I.O.M. and rescued from harsh and inhuman condition from Libya and Italy since 2001. This is just one of the agonies and pains the army of unemployed Nigerian youths have continued to go through in the quest for survival.

As this year wines down and we make projections for the new year, any hope for better days for the youths? Are the youth themselves ready to hold the bull by the horn and shakeup the shackles of misrule and embrace this viable project like mechanised agriculture for economic empowerment? For how long will the youths sell out themselves to be used as thugs and tools for misrule?

Young people are the new masters of the universe from Nigeria to any part of the world. The youths are the engine of the economic growth since they constitute largely the workforce and they are the consuming class in any economy but for Nigerian youth the story is somehow different. Are they really the economic engine room? Well, it is debatable.

Those that are not soft that there is a greener pasture are in the other side of the Mediterranean and are not ready to bear the touching and hard sahara-mediterranean journey, they are soaked into other criminalities of all sort. They are daily being soaked in to drug abuse, cultic practices and all of that, just to “make it anyhow” because the society celebrate those who make it irrespective of how, the journey and route they pass through in “making it”.


When you look around the world, you see people using new technology to resharp the ethical and political coutours of this global village. Such as the brain behind Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. There are of the younger generation.


Current Nigerian youths are not too enlightened (irrespective of the ability to use whatsapp messager, facebook or twitter). Enlightenment is a matter of bringing intelligence and being able to read and understand the history of ones land or nation in which government policies is not necessary.

The youth in Nigeria should now brace up and decide seriously to participate in governance procedures and processes in Nigeria. It is time that the youth move into the arena. Nobody will conceal power to anyboby. People are to strive for power but our believe in Nigeria is that people that are in power will not release it. So, the youth should brace up to face the challenge.

Just recently, people in some part of the world elected young people. The Prime Minister of Canada is just getting to 40. The president of France is not up to 40 and that was what happened to us earlier too. The Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello and Nnamdi Azikiwe of this world, ruled Nigerians as youths. Youths of Nigeria should be outstanding. One have to be conscious and deliberates effort to be part of the governance processes in Nigeria.

When Nigerian youths decide to use the social media, they used it for gossip and sharing of frivolities except few. I think we should use the social media more positively to discuss issue of national concern so that they will be serious engagement.

Some youths are very intelligent but not politically proficient. They should live as an example, stand up for what they believe in and achieve it in their immediate communities before they get into power and Godwilling they might be opportuned.


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