Impact of Investigative Journalism in Nigeria

The results of investigative reporting do not come cheaply but they are bargain to the society.” 
Outstanding Professor of Journalism at the Stamford University, James T. Hamilton.
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Hamilton came up with this submission after is assessment of the impact of investigative journalism on the society in his book titled, The Economics of Investigative Journalism.
The recent celebrated explosive media report on codeine not only expose the dangers of codeine consumption, the ripple benefits can not be quantified immediately.
Consequently, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, announced the shutdown of three pharmaceutical firms for their involvement in codeine syrup abuse. In the same vein, the Nigerian Customs Service announced the interception of two containers loaded with tramadol tablets, allegedly smuggled from India in to the country. Tramadol is an opioid pain medication that has been grossly abused.
Recall, in it’s twilight of Obasanjo’s administration, investigative journalism and the professional coverage of the National Assembly proceedings lets to debug attempt of his 3rd term tenure.
Therefore, investigative journalism is a key instrument of reforms in the reconstruction and development of any nation because it shed lights on hidden facts that possibly politicians and technocrats try to keep away from the public. So, the role of investigative journalism can not be overemphasized in a developing nation like Nigeria.
  • How willing are government officials ready to volunteer information?
  • How long are we going to wait for possibly international channels to continue to unveil some things that are hidden before our government officials begin to reacts?
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Death Threats:

The unresolved murder of Dele Giwa who was killed through a parcel bomb in 1986, linked to investigative journalism. People who have something to hide are always afraid of investigative journalist. The National President of the Nigerian Union of Journalist, Waheed Odusile was speaking on Raypower Radio Network’s current affairs program, FACTFILE.


Sustainable development goals
Late Dele Giwa

He said, “To protect investigative journalism, then, we should punish whoever attempts to stop journalists from doing their job.

Sustainable development goals#SDGs2030
President, Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) Abdul-Waheed Odusile

“It is very unfortunate that over 30 years after Dele Giwa’s murder, nobody has told us who killed him and a whole lot of our colleagues who are killed because they dared to investigate and reveal the bad things those people that were put in position of trust are trying to prevent from public. That is the problem investigative journalist have all over the world.”


The Ondo State Commissioner for Information, Honorable Yemi Olowolabi, said we do not have to wait for government to open their books for us to check. Sometimes, it requires a lot of tasks, discipline, commitments, self denial, etc. The problem of today’s journalism is poverty.

Sustainable development goals#SDGs2030
Mr Yemi Olowolabi on his assumption of Office as the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Orientation.

The Commissioner said, “A lot of our colleagues do not border about which stories ate great or not. For a lot of people, it is the survival.

“How do you expect a journalist who have not been paid for one year to do a great investigative story? How do you expect someone who have children; family; school fee to pay and has not been paid for a year to do their work? It is very difficult.

“Before we cast blame on government we should examine our industry. A journalist sent out to do an investigative reports in Abuja, and does not have money for flight. Therefore, depends on the interviewee for flight ticket and hotel accommodation. What kind of investigation is that?

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Black mail and character assassination has no place in journalism. The National President of Nigerian Union of Journalists said, it is about the truth, facts and other things according to the ethics of journalism.

Sustainable development goals#SDGs2030

“Though, the standard might has fallen. But then, we have to look at the environment and the media houses. Are they in a position to engage in qualified journalism. And when we don’t have qualified people practicing the profession, it becomes a problem.” He said.


Every body has a role to play. We need not to fill the society with falsehood. And those who consume information from social media should be circumspect; what is too good to believe should raise question mark. What we don’t find on the established media, should be ignored or verified.

“Also, journalists should also populate the social media platforms and counter fake news with the truth.” The NUJ President concluded.

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