Kill Corruption, Actualize the SDGs and Protect the Planet

Anti-Corruption means…

“….embracing accountability, transparency & good governance. To achieve this, we must make determined use of our sharpest tools, this means universal adoption & full implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption“-Yury Fedotov

Kill Corruption


  • is an enemy of future generation and developments. It push more people, especially the vulnerable to early grave,
  • destroying education sectors in many countries, and
  • is a major cause of poverty

Actualise the SDGs

The 2030 agenda calls for all countries to achieve sustainable development by 2030. It’s about people living a life of dignity and prosperity on a healthy planet. 

The five components of 2030 agenda: social inclusion, economic growth, environmental protection, peace and partnership can’t be achieved if corruption is not addressed by world leaders from now!

We must Act4SDGs by taking rigorous action. Social Inclusion is about people, economic growth is about prosperity while environmental protection is about the planet. The power of 5Ps (people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership) requires everyone to work together to kill corruption.

Protecting the Planet

Climate change & corruption share many warning signs, hit the poorest first & worst and caused by powerful individuals/entities seeking short term gain. In the long term, climate change and corruption destroy people, threaten economies and thrive on the flaws of national govt.

Climate change is a serious challenge for sustainable development, it leads to:

  • food & water shortages for billions of people,
  • losses of homes, assets & livelihoods,
  • Increase exposure to diseases, and
  • forced migration

We (government, private sector, media, civil society organizations, the United Nations, academia and donors) must tackle the greatest threats to people & the planet (climate change & corruption) by

  • taking climate action, and
  • establishing or implementing climate finance – to help climate vulnerable countries prevent climate change & adapt to its effects

We must leave no one behind in the fight against corruption.

  • Government: Implements, legislative reforms against corruption + preventive measure
  • Private Sector: Promotes business of integrity & zero tolerance towards corruption
  • Media: Raise awareness, engage in investigative journalism, and push pressure for political commitment
  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs): Provides check and balances on government & private sector, promote culture of transparency & accountability
  • United Nations: Provide  policy & programme support on anti-corruption
  • Academia: Conduct research for improvement on anti-corruption initiatives
  • Donor: Provide assistance on anti-corruption in line with pairs declaration on aid effectiveness

All of these actors must work together to protect the planet. Corruption must be prevented to avoid diversion of money meant to tackle climate change, It’s a big threat to lives of today’s most vulnerable people and the future generation. 

Let’s go back to the classroom now! Corruption education is a must for sustainable development. Education is very crucial at different levels:

  • Education for justice at primary, secondary & tertiary institutions to promote rule of law, justice and integrity is critical
  • Education for aspiring leaders to enhance transparency & accountability.
Courtesy: Solution17 Global
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