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To spark empathy and be a part of collective change, one needs to focus on kindness, understanding, collaboration, acceptance, and responsibility. We must be honest, identify our biases and be intentional about having an open mind so we can avoid judging. Being kind and treating others the way we would want our children to be treated can motivate others pay it forward. 

#CollaborativePD and #edtech4good join forces for collective change and to celebrate all the global ‘Empathy Project Fellow’. We discussed ways positive energy in education can become contagious. The questions came from the guest moderators Toti Jean Marc Yale and Alicia Moss. Their questions below, are followed by summarized answers from participants. 
I am Olugbenga Sonubi from Ogun State, Nigeria. Three group of people that en-suite me to spark empathy are my students, everyone at Team Empatico and Team Global Goals. 
Question 1 by Toti Jean Marc Yale: What are the “strengths,” skills or components needed to spark empathy and create the little moments that can promote collective change in our world?
The little thing that inspires empathy for me is taking the time out of your day to really listen to what kids want to share with you, especially if they have stressors from home. 
Question 2 by Alicia Moss: What are ways positive energy in education can become contagious? 
Positive energy in education is what fuels, inspires others with ideas, encouragement and connection. It can lead to a ripple effect. Students and teachers need to exhibit a positive attitude as much as possible, then education will be contagious throughout the classroom. Positive attitudes can create a positive and collective change: smiling, celebrating each other, helping without being asked, etc.
Social Media can help. It connects educators to a larger community full of exciting ideas.  One great idea often creates a chain of more ideas. And it can make you realize there’s a big community out there of educators working for positive change. When we have the courage to share our story, even a part of it, we model risk taking and open ourselves up to having our perspective challenged and inspired.
Everyone, regardless of age, wants to be included, accepted, loved and happy.  These feelings are easy to maintain if you truly invest in those around you.  Ask more questions than you answer, offer to help, truly be present. Positive energy is contagious when your admin, team, coaches and colleagues model and promote this energy.
Special thanks to:
💛 the #edtech4good community
💛 the #CollaborativePD community
💛 all the Empathy Project Fellows
💛 teams @EmpaticoOrg and @participate
Wishing everyone a holiday season full of joy, love, and kindness!

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