Sharing Teachers’ Stories with Stakeholders

I’m Olugbenga, a 12th grade geography teacher in Nigeria. I believe strongly in sharing teachers’ stories with stakeholders, so I would like to discuss it with you! 

Sharing what the Students are working on and the activities that help them learn and grow is important. At the elementary level there are apps we can use to help. “Seesaw” is a great way to capture moments of the day to share with parents.

The positive things that need to be promoted would be everything positive that goes on in the classroom. Our students make great strides everyday. If an educator can reach a student in a meaningful way, that should be considered positive and should be shared.

I think one important thing that stakeholders need to know is the experiences students have while learning. This includes lessons, experiments, presentations, & when they give back to the community. So much great stuff happens every day in our classrooms and schools. 

One of my projects for this semester is to set up a social media intern team. These students will help me to know what they think we should be sharing.

Technology is such a fast and immediate way of getting the narrative out there, especially social media & the school’s website. That is, the weekly newsletter, the weekly staff bulletin, the year book, are also valuable ways of reminding everyone about the story.

Indeed! The visibility of student learning in physical spaces is critical to telling stories, especially in spaces that are used for non-educational purposes during non-instructional times.

A website serves an important purpose for schools: to be a self-service portal for all information. Websites have changed over the years in how they are designed. A good one is accessible on mobile devices & serves as a hub for social media and other channels.

Advice to those who are new to telling their stories: it won’t work if you do not have a strong classroom or school culture. Connections with stakeholders and integrating pedagogically sound methods, must be in place so that stories you tell stick.

That’s the end of today’s discussion. This was such a fun and informative message. THANK YOU for reading and learning together.



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