Solution17: Reimagining Educational Transformation

“Youth engagement via education, creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship dev. is our focus at Solution17 for IC2030”- Foluke Michael 

Solution17 is a SDGs model to solve global problems through educational transformation via youth engagement.

Imagine a world without silos & barriers to achieve a more sustainable future. Imagine a world full of creative & innovative solutions designed by the youth.

…achieving Agenda2030 via education, are we making progress?

In north-eastern Nigeria, 2.8 million children are in need of education-in-emergencies support in three conflict-affected States (Borno, Yobe, Adamawa). In these States, at least 802 schools remain closed and 497 classrooms are listed as destroyed, with another 1,392 damaged but repairable.

We need to advocate for education to be prioritised and targets children who are least likely to receive an education. The expected outcome is that all children access and complete quality education, within a safe learning environment, gaining the skills and knowledge for lifelong learning.

The Goal of Quality Education is the central theme of Agenda2030, so many stakeholders are doing amazing stuffs in this regard, but the challenge is we will not make progress until education is made a right in Nigeria & not a privilege

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela 

We can’t wait for the Nigerian government to drive education alone, we must continue to create synergy with champions like Prince Gideon S. Olanrewaju, AREAi, SOLUTIONS SPELLING BEE, and Teach For Nigeria doing real time advocacy. 

Solution17 have waited for too long in this part of the world, hence the current situation. She is prepared to work with youth-led organisations to break silos, barriers and obstacles to achieve a more sustainable future.

Formal education is lacking behind due to inefficient technical knowhow. 21st century students need to learn in 3D rather than 2D, i.e. teaching with aid of videos clips rather than displaying of pictures or none. This would propagate reality to the student and would encourage them to learn more due to inquisition.

As much as we are business minded, We should prioritize the teaching of the SDGs and willingly do more to trigger more innovative and transformational ideas towards its education.

Transforming our society through education

The role of education is to perpetuate aspects of an established order that guarantee equilibrium to society and, on the other hand, the formation of human beings critical, constructive and capable of imagine a new future. The aspects in which society is transformed by education are as follows: 

  • The Education and ethics:

From one ethical dimension, education seeks to create a reality with justice and equity, allowing the individual to live and build with dignity.

The view of the learner changes when she is educated, because she is no longer formed to achieve personal success but to carry out, in community, the transformations that society requires.

  • Individuals capable of transforming:

Education that seeks the transformation of reality requires training men and women capable of changing not only their reality but that of their community.

In this sense, education has a political dimension, where individuals know the system of organization of their society, know exactly in what instances and in what times they can make transformations and dare to do so.

  • Knowledge of reality:

It is about knowing and mastering a language that allows the dialogue between those who guide a process of social organization and organized individuals.

What we can do in our various community to achieve SDG-4 (quality education)? 

Educators and a subscribers of goal-4 (quality education) and goal-5 (gender equality) should promote the access of women to vocational and technical education, for us to achieve all the SDGs, education should be given priority.

If we educate the male gender, and leave the female out of the frontier of knowledge how do we want to achieve other goals?  Is it a solely male assignment? No! So, as we plan on project that can rejuvenate our educational sector, the female should be in the scene.

How do we then get more people educated? We need our media (broadcast and print) to organize more educative programs to hit our waves, programs that will be all age bracket centered and run programs on SDG campaign in all our languages.

We need to incorporate SDG into our curriculum, right from the elementary level, because school is where children spend most of their days. The right orientation for the kids, teens and youths has a vital role to play in promoting the SDG. 

We should select prolific kids, teens and youths across all the state in the country probably 3-4 per state and get them equipped in all areas of their interest or professions that will be around 108-144 sound minds. 

We should have an enabling environment for learning, seriously this is a big task and a priority for us if we would conceive a quality education, we need to check what Councillors, Local Government Chairmen and the Commissioner for education are doing to enhance the face of our schools? 

Or are we to depend on foreign investors? Our teacher training program both in NCE and degree needs to be redress and address, we can’t be producing half baked bread teachers and expect exceptional students. We are in the 21st century!

Future of educational development 

Students in the classrooms of tomorrow can look forward to work with exciting resources, such as robotic kits that educators used to teach coding. Also, educators have grown weary of traditional standardized testing frameworks. Now, digital testing is emerging as an empowering resource that allows educators to track student performance and measure learning improvement over time.

Furthermore, institutions can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop customized student learning solutions based on test results.

Solution17 is looking forward to see a future where our kids will have unhindered access to quality and equitable education for all round development and growth.

This is possible in Nigeria!

Courtesy: Foluke Michael- SDG, founder/Director of Creative Youth Community Development Initiative

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